DR 3302

Dual Lens Full HD Dashboard Camera with Backup Camera

Brigele DR 3302 rearview mirror dash cam color image - front view
Sample video shot with DR 3302 in different lighting conditions, includes both front and rear camera.

As traffic incidents usually turn out to be “She said – he said” thing, you’d be better off having tireless eyewitness giving undoubting evidence in razor sharp Full HD, covering both front and the rear of your vehicle. Otherwise, even if you’re not at fault, it could cost you thousands in legal fees and damage claims, let alone insurance premium increase.

Brigele DR 3302 dash cam is designed to provide unbiased account of whatever could happen while you are driving, no matter in the bright day or deep in the night. Ultra-wide angle lens captures all road signs, traffic signals and license plates through all lanes of traffic.

Unlike single lens dash cams, DR 3302 also records what’s behind you, covering all possible situations, e.g. rear end collisions or changing lanes.

Rearview mirror form factor is not only easy to install, but also provides most firm grip, no matter if it is scorching heat or subfreezing temperatures. Also it is absolutely discreet so you don’t have to remove and hide it to prevent break-in and theft each time you park your vehicle.

At a glance

Full HD 1920x1080 (front) and 720x480 (rear) at 30 fps
160° front, 90° rear
3mpix sensor (front), rear all-weather camera, shock sensor, parking monitoring, loop recording, AV out.
Memory card support
Micro SDHC, up to 32GB


  • Dual-lens setup covers both front and rear hemispheres in front of and behind your vehicle. No one could ever claim that you cut them off!
  • Safety first. Brigele always concerned about safety of its products. DR 3302 is built to be safe. Automotive laminated safety glass protects you from sharp glass shards in case of a crash. It also comes with comprehensive instructions on how to safely install and use your dash cam.
  • Rearview mirror shape allows easy and secure installation, and makes your Brigele mirror dash cam extremely discreet. You won’t need to worry about break-in and theft anymore.
  • Crisp and clear Full HD 1080p video from front camera at 30 frames per second for smooth and clean capture of all tiny details.
  • Auxiliary all-weather 480p rear cam can be installed either inside or outside of your vehicle. And it can be used as backup cam as well.
  • Super-bright 5 inch IPS display clearly visible even in broad daylight.
  • Ultra wide-angle 160º front lens to capture all lanes of traffic and all directions even in large intersections
  • Last gen 3 megapixel CMOS sensor coupled with the software professionally tuned by Brigele engineers produces sharp and detailed picture even in low light conditions.
  • When parking monitoring is turned on, DR 3302 turns on and starts recording if it detects the car was hit. After taking short video, it turns off again to conserve its battery. Two cameras help identify offender in hit-and-run or vandalism cases, even if intruder approached from the rear.
  • Loop recording feature makes sure the video will be continuously recorded even when memory card is low on free space. Once memory card gets full, oldest segments are removed automatically making the way for latest recordings.
  • 16GB memory card is included. Your dash cam is ready for action out of the box, and included memory card can store up to 2 ½ hours of continuous video with audio.
  • Power adapter with extra USB port. If you used cigarette lighter socket to charge your phone, you can now both charge your phone and power Brigele dash cam from the same socket.
  • Extra clips to neatly route the cords. Brigele dash cams always come with cable routing clips. No more loose cables!
  • When rear camera is connected to backup lamp (cables included), it works as backup cam. When you shift into reverse, main display automatically displays the feed from rear cam.
  • Compliant with laws in all 50 states and D.C. Package includes warning stickers (required in California, California Vehicle Code, Section 26708 (b)(13)(B) ).