DR 4100 G

Full HD / 2K Dashboard Camera with GPS, Driving Aids and Voice Prompts

Brigele DR 4100 G compact dash cam color image - front
Sample video shot with DR 4100G in different lighting conditions.

At a glance

Full HD 1080p at 45 fps
170° ultra-wide angle
4 mpix, quick mount, GPS, driving aids, voice prompts, shock sensor, parking monitoring, loop recording, AV out, HDMI.
Memory card support
Micro SDXC, up to 128GB

This small dashboard camera produces absolutely clear and sharp images in every lighting condition, whether it is night or day. Ultra-wide lens with distortion correction make the straight lines straight, from edge to edge. 4-megapixel sensor and advanced imaging processor produce stunning Full HD at 45 frames per second or 2K (2560x1080) at 30 frames per second. Hardware WDR keeps exceptional level of detail both in dark and well-lit areas.

Built-in GPS receiver automatically records current position and speed. With special software available for Windows and Mac computers (included), you can see your track, speed and position along with the video.

If you are tired, intelligent driving aids with voice prompts will warn you if you forgot to turn on your headlights, if you’re following other car too close or if you started to leave your lane.

DR 4100 G is equipped with conventional suction cup mounting bracket. Power cord is attached to the mount, and you can quickly remove or install your dash cam with single move: just push the button and detach it from mounting bracket — no need to pull out the cords! Also mounting bracket has rotating shaft so the camera can be quickly turned backwards or to the side should you need to record something not directly in front of your vehicle.

With loop recording, the memory card will never get full. Once all available capacity of the memory card is used, DR 4100 G starts to overwrite the oldest segments to place most recent video. This means that you will always have the most recent video without a need to manually clean the memory card.

Its built-in shock sensor can detect impacts, hard breaking or rapid acceleration to lock current segment. Locked segments never get overwritten so the evidence will stay on your memory card even if you continue driving for a long period of time.

With parking monitoring on, DR 4100 G turns on and starts recording if it detects the car was hit. After taking short video, it turns off again to conserve its battery. This can help identify offender in hit-and-run or vandalism cases.

DR 4100 G equipped both with HDMI and AV out ports so you can connect it directly to your TV to watch your ride in stunning Full HD on the big screen.

Packed with powerful features and shooting 2K video with stunning details, DR 4100 G is the ultimate dashboard camera.